{Maternity} Peter + Shirley = Aiden

{ Wedding Day } Tereza & Marcus – Sweetness overload

Sweetness overload ~

You can just feel how happy and sweet they are from their smiles and laughter and from their kisses for one another. Blessings to Tereza and Marcus!


{ Wedding Day } Marc & Ruby

the moments of men

{ Family session }

Gorgeous couple Rosa and her Husband

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Family Photo @ Jack Lui Photography

{Hong Kong Pre wedding} Maria & Jacky 2 – A Lovely Quiet Moment

Enjoying a quiet moment
Let the time freeze~

Enjoying their quiet moment

A lovely quiet moment between the couple in their pre-wedding session


Hong Kong Pre wedding
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{Pick of the Day} – Maria & Jacky – Hong Kong Pre-wedding

Despite of the severe weather after typhoon, Maria & Jacky still decided to go ahead with the pre-wedding photoshoot!

It’s actually their Post-Wedding photo shoot. Maria & Jacky flew all the way to Hong Kong from Sydney after their wedding.

Hong Kong is a special place for them. But who would expect a typhoon in Oct?!

Thank you for their perseverance and the adventurous  hearts, we were able to pull some really nice shots!

Congrats again, Maria & Jacky 🙂

Angel of the Wind

Maria is like an Angel of the Wind, standing on rocks, flying her veil against the waves

Location: Shek O

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#Hong Kong Photographer – Jack Lui