{Engagement} Melissa & Stephen in Hong Kong

I’ll be sailing with you forever and ever, my love.

Sailing to Jumbo

Melissa & Stephen sailing on a boat to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant

(Wedding Day} Edith & Rick – The moment between Father and Daughter

Time freezes for Father and Daughter during a wedding preparation in the morning. The moment is only between them.

Always love the capture the special interaction between the bride and her mom, but the chemistry between the bride and her father is more subtle.

Can’t you feel this?

May this be frozen forever

May this be frozen forever. Time seems to be frozen for the father and daughter

{Wedding} Celebrating Sunny & Andy

Kiss Me. Someday you will be like Me


Wedding @ Bethanie Chapel 伯大尼教堂

Kiss Me (When will we be like you?)

Kiss Me (When will we be like you?)

{Engagement} – Rachel & Michael

Congrats Rachel & Michael!
Today is their Wedding Day in Taipei~~
Wish you guys happy thereafter and walk your family in God 

Tomorrow will always be as bright as you

{Engagement} Janelle & Banny

Congrats to the gorgeous couple Janelle & Banny who just got married 2 weeks ago!
They flew all the way to Hong Kong for their beautiful Pre-wedding/Engagement session just 2 weeks before their wedding!
Thank God that we could process the images fast enough for their big day!

Wish you a fantastic new journey of your life, thereafter~~

Dancing with you in the middle of the night

Dancing with you in the middle of the night

{ Wedding Day } Congrats to Manc & Aman

閏密 Manc & her Bridesmaids~~
Manc definitely has some very nice sisters!

閏密就是如此 =) Congrats sisters~